Sunday Stretch

Get Your Stretch On!

We’re pleased to share that our “Sunday Stretch” yoga and mobility class with Bev Morton will be taking place weekly on Sundays at 9:45 am.

The class is a relaxing restorative vinyasa flow with a focus on key joints such as the shoulders and hips.

So why do we all need to do Yoga ?

CrossFit athletes need great flexibility in their joints and muscles. Practicing yoga can gradually increase your range of movement in a gentle controlled way. A regular yoga routine stretches ligaments and lubricates joints to give greater flexibility and a complete yoga session takes all of your joints through their entire range of movement–squeezing and soaking cartilage with blood, oxygen, and nutrients. Better flexibility and mobility can then reduce your risk of injury and can increase your CrossFit performance, so when you call on your body to do something extreme in your CrossFit training you reduce the risk of hurting yourself.

What if you’re not very flexible or are new to Yoga ?

Don’t let the thought of fancy poses scare you away! Our Sunday classes are all about gentle, controlled stretches to improve your range of movement and give back to the muscles we have been training throughout the week in our programming. All poses are scalable and the class is suitable for all levels/experiences!

Feedback from the class…

“I really enjoyed the yoga class with Bev. She is knowledgeable and customizes the experience for CrossFit Wilmette members. It’s a can’t-miss part of my week. If you want to be kicking ass at 85, you can’t be average at 50. Time to mobilize!” – Kyle Barnett

If you plan to attend this week drop Bev an e-mail at – no commitment necessary! Classes are $20 for members and $25 for nonmembers. All are welcome.