Welcome, New Members!

Anyone, at any fitness level, can work out at CrossFit Wilmette! We’re here to ensure you have an awesome, safe workout, every time you come up to the gym. Getting started with us is a simple yet tailored experience for each individual. We offer three different options based on your current fitness level and familiarity with CrossFit. Please choose one of the options below to help us get you ready for classes. If you need help picking the option that’s best for you, please reach out to us and a coach will guide you in making your decision. Thank you!

In order to jump right into our group classes, you’ll need to know how to do several basic moves. We’re not expecting perfect. You’ll be coached every class, but it’s important to have some foundation in the following movements:

Gymnastics – Pull-ups, Push-ups, Air-Squats, and Wall Walks

Weightlifting – Deadlifts, Squats (Back and Front), Power Cleans, and Kettlebell Swings

Cardio – Rowing, Biking, and Jumping Rope.

Option 1

I have experience at another CrossFit Affiliate. 

Great! Go ahead and purchase a membership, punchcard, or try a free trial class.

Option 2

I’m aware of these movements, but have never worked out at a CrossFit affiliate. Great! Foundations, will be your best bet. This includes a 50-minute introductory session and 30 days of unlimited classes for $230.

Option 3

I have very little or no experience with these movements. No problem at all, most people are just like you. The best option for you is to start off with three personal training sessions for $225. After that it’ll be up to you and your coach to decide when you’re ready for classes. Most people will be ready to start up classes after this.

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