Skill Classes

Learn the building blocks to some of the higher skilled moves

Our regular programming is fantastic and works very well at getting us stronger! Our class hours are usually full and packed with thoughtful activities. There’s a limited amount of time in each class for skill coaching, and many of us could benefit from some additional focused coaching on specific movements. There’s always room to improve anything from an air squat to a ring muscle-up. Virtuosity, doing the common uncommonly well, is how you get better and have a lot of fun in the gym.

Skill workshops generally focus on two specific movements per session. We’ll teach the movements and progressions and give you time to practice during the workshop and a plan for continuing to progress. A potential agenda might looks like this:

  1. Warm-up.
  2. Specific stretches to prepare for the movement(s) of the day.
  3. Movement(s) of focus for the workshop (eg, rope climbs,  bar muscle-up, hand stand push ups, double under, etc)
    • Each movement will be broken down into learnable steps.
    • We’ll work on progressions together.
    • As desired, we’ll video your technique and provide personal feedback.
    • You’ll leave with an understanding of how to train your body to get to your desired goal.
  1. We’ll incorporate a short workout that features the moves that you practiced in the workshop.

Workshops are:

  1. One hour long.
  2. Taught by Coach Alvin!
  3. Scheduled from 8:30 – 9:30 am every other Sunday morning.
  4. Our specialty workshops will be $20 each. There’s no commitment to the series, and these will be charged as a drop-in through your Wodify account.

Please email Coach Alvin at for any questions.

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