Do I need to reserve a spot or contact anyone?

Yes, we ask all members to pre-register for classes in our Wodify gym management system.  If you’re new and would like to check us out for the first time, you can reserve a free trial in Wodify or feel free to contact us with questions.

What can I expect during my first few months of CrossFit?

Your first few months at CrossFit Wilmette are all about learning what we do and how classes flow. You can expect to learn proper lifting technique and how to scale workouts to make them perfect for your fitness level. You’ll also meet some new friends and enjoy getting fitter! You might feel sore in the first week or two as your body adjusts to new movements, but we promise that gets better over time.

Great, I’m interested! How do I get started?

We offer three options based on your fitness level and familiarity with CrossFit. To be comfortable in our group classes, you’ll need to know how to do some variation of several basic moves, including:

Gymnastics – Pull-ups, Push-ups, Air-Squats, and Wall Walks

Weightlifting – Deadlifts, Squats (Back and Front), Power Cleans, and Kettlebell Swings

Cardio – Rowing, Biking, and Jumping Rope.

We offer a Foundations course, with or without a nutrition consultation, to get you up to speed on these movements (in a form that’s compatible with your current abilities).

If you have experience with another CrossFit affiliate, you can purchase a membership plan or sign up in Wodify to try one of our classes for free. You do not need to do our Foundations program unless you’d like to brush up on your skills.

Reach out to us at memberservices@crossfitwilmette.com with any questions or click here to learn more about our Foundations plans.

How often do you recommend I come to the gym?

If you’re just starting, we recommend coming in three days/week for your first couple weeks, then building to four or even five. How often you work out with us will depend on what you’re doing outside of the gym as well. Many members are also very active in sports and activities. It’s all about finding the right balance and what makes you feel the best.


I’m not in very good shape… can I do CrossFit?

Our community of people comes from every walk of life. CrossFit bodies come in every imaginable size, shape, age, and color, and our workouts are designed for anyone. For those with minimal CrossFit experience, we offer our Foundations course to teach some basic movements you’ll need to know to join our group classes.

What exactly is CrossFit?

CrossFit is a fitness program that uses “constantly varied, functional movement performed at a relatively high intensity.” The difficulty level of our daily workouts is adjusted depending on the individual, so anyone can do them!

Daily workouts could include exercises such as core, conditioning, rowing, sprinting, gymnastics, and weightlifting. All of our workouts are designed to improve overall flexibility, strength, speed, endurance, and agility.

What will my first time in your gym be like?

It’s going to be awesome! Friendly members, coaches, and a great workout. Please bring a water bottle, wear comfortable clothes you can sweat in, and wear shoes that you’d feel comfortable running in.

Our hour-long classes are taught by one of our CrossFit-certified coaches. Coaches are there to guide you, provide instruction and feedback, and ensure you have a good experience.

Our class structure varies, but in general, you can expect to start with movements designed to warm you up for the day’s workout. We’ll then move into the WOD (workout of the day) which is different every day and varies in length from 10 to 30+ minutes. We’ll usually have a specific weightlifting or skill session each day as well. All this adds up to a very well-rounded workout.

When are classes?


We offer classes Monday through Saturday. During the week, we have classes in the morning at the top of every hour from 5:00 to 9:00. On weekday evenings, we have classes at 4:30 and 5:30. On Saturday mornings we have classes at 7:00, 8:00, and 9:00. Private training is available upon request. To learn more, email us is at memberservices@crossfitwilmette.com.

Where is CrossFit Wilmette located?

CrossFit Wilmette is located at 515 Green Bay Road, in Wilmette, IL. It can be a little bit tricky to find us the first time because we are located behind Colorful. You can enter our driveway from Green Bay Road. It’s immediately adjacent to Colorful’s office. We have a small parking lot with free parking and there is ample free parking on Green Bay Road, which we recommend.

Which plan is best for me?

We offer a variety of plans to meet your needs. We have 5- and 10-class punch cards that you can purchase. These are great if you aren’t sure how often you will get into the gym.

If you plan to work out regularly, we offer two monthly membership options that offer a lower cost per class than punch cards. Our 3x week monthly membership provides you with 13 classes in a 30-day period. Our unlimited monthly membership allows you to take as many classes per month as you like. In addition, with unlimited membership, you can take advantage of our open gym access if you’d like to work out on your own sometime (during non-class hours).

Learn more about our memberships or punch cards on our pricing page here.


We know walking through the door is the hardest part. You take the first step and we’ll meet you where you are.