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Deb Woodall offers one-on-one coaching to people who are looking for personal support on their journey to lose weight, find their energy, or simply live more vibrantly.

She says, “I encounter people every day who are already doing great things to support their health yet still struggle to feel truly well.”

After a lifetime of ups and downs on her own health and weight management journey, Deb started working with a coach and found that what helped her improve her body composition and well-being was focusing not just on fitness and nutrition but other factors that influenced her health. “Stress was my number one form of self-sabotage,” Deb says, and “it diminished the positive impact of all my healthy habits.” Deb’s journey inspired her to pivot away from a career as a corporate leader to help others who want to focus on their own health.

Deb believes every client will be well served by developing strategies to eat whole, unprocessed food; prioritizing protein in order to build lean body mass; and create lifestyle habits that support their overall health (eg, reducing stress, getting movement every day).

Coaching Package

  • Deb’s 3-month coaching package includes customized education to fit your life and goals and weekly phone or video check-ins to help keep you on track or adjust your plan to meet you where you are.
  • Coaching packages begin with a 3-month commitment to ensure you’re able to not just kickstart new habits, but also live enough life to encounter some of the challenges you’ll inevitably meet along the way in maintaining your new habits.
  • The cost is $350 per month, charged monthly.

Reach out to Coach Deb at for more information or to schedule a call to see if working with her is a good fit for you.

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