Nutrition Coaching

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Learning how to fuel your body is just as important as working out! Our expert nutrition Coach, Jen Campbell, will ensure that you are on track with a program to fit your needs and goals.

Contact Jennifer at to set up an initial no-cost Foundation Meeting – a 30-minute meeting to review goals, nutrition/health history, diet, exercise, sleep, and recovery based on goals.
We have two different options to meet your individual needs for 1:1 nutrition coaching:

Option 1:

  • $249/month for nutrition counseling or $200/month with a three-month commitment
  • Macro check
  • Weekly check-in food journal reviews, meal planning, recipe/meal ideas
  •  Possible measurements/weigh-in depending on goals
  • 2xMonth – 30-minute zoom or in-person meeting

Option 2:

  • $100/month
  • Weekly check-in and food journal reviews
  • Goal to progress reviews
  • Tweaking nutrition based on performance and results