Great, I’m interested! How do I get started?

We offer three options based on your fitness level and familiarity with CrossFit. To be comfortable in our group classes, you’ll need to know how to do some variation of several basic moves, including:

Gymnastics – Pull-ups, Push-ups, Air-Squats, and Wall Walks

Weightlifting – Deadlifts, Squats (Back and Front), Power Cleans, and Kettlebell Swings

Cardio – Rowing, Biking, and Jumping Rope.

We offer a Foundations course, with or without a nutrition consultation, to get you up to speed on these movements (in a form that’s compatible with your current abilities).

If you have experience with another CrossFit affiliate, you can purchase a membership plan or sign up in Wodify to try one of our classes for free. You do not need to do our Foundations program unless you’d like to brush up on your skills.

Reach out to us at with any questions or click here to learn more about our Foundations plans.

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