Deb Woodall

Co-owner and Coach
Deb Woodall


  • CrossFit L1
  • Working Against Gravity Nutrition Coach
  • Primal Health Coach


  • CrossFit L1


Deb doesn’t consider herself a natural athlete or have a background in sports. Growing up she spent most of her free time reading or biking with friends, was too self-conscious for sports, and struggled with being overweight. She first found fitness in her 20s as a runner and yogi, and running injuries brought her to personal training where she eventually found Steve Woodall and CrossFit. It was a match on both counts!

Longtime members know Deb was a regular at CrossFit Wilmette in our early days. She took a break from working out in the gym for several years while juggling full-time corporate work and parenting, and she’s so glad to be back at CrossFit Wilmette.

Deb earned her CrossFit L1 online this summer, is a certified Working Against Gravity Nutrition Coach, and is working toward her Primal Health Coach certification. She has been passionate about nutrition and wellness topics since childhood and is looking forward to sharing her expertise with our community.

In her free time, you’ll find Deb driving Maddie Woodall around the suburbs, walking our dogs around Deerfield while listening to health podcasts, participating on the school board, and volunteering at Elawa Farm in Lake Forest.

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