Courtney Scheer

Courtney Scheer


  • CrossFit Level 1
  • CrossFit Weightlifting Certification


In 2013, as Courtney approached graduation from Purdue University with a PhD in Health Communication, she was looking for a different workout routine that would easily fit with her new schedule. After finishing her “introductory workout” Fran, she vividly remembers driving away from the box with her partner (and fellow CrossFit coach) Chad saying, “that sucked, but that was awesome.” A former Division 1 college athlete at the University of Wisconsin, Courtney instantly fell in love with CrossFit. Many of the training elements she enjoyed as a sprint-distance swimmer are at the core of the CrossFit philosophy – high intensity, constantly varied, functional movements. CrossFit just made sense to her.

CrossFit has been a constant in Courtney’s life while moving for her career from Indiana to Florida, and most recently, Evanston, where she joined the faculty at Northwestern University as an Assistant Professor. She loves that wherever she moves or travels, she can find a box, and an instant connection with other like-minded athletes.

Given Courtney’s passion for teaching and previous experience as a swim coach, her decision to become a CrossFit coach was inevitable. Courtney earned her level one certificate in the spring of 2018. As a coach, Courtney believes that CrossFit is for everyone. She enjoys promoting friendly competition, and loves helping all athletes, new and experienced, grow and develop in their technique and fitness.

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